Time to take stock of your wardrobe. Fill some spaces... or treat yourself to a new Gudrun outfit? Choose SIMPLE solids in demure grey and black, or add sparkle with COLOURFUL greens and reds. Everything is possible! As always, only in pure NATURAL fabrics like organic cotton, linen, wool, cashmere and modal. Fabric with a soul of its own.


Autumn’s go-to
item, € 219

Lift your spirits with a cheerful red parka! Or you can choose blackberry-blue or demure black instead. Fully lined with plenty of pockets and careful detailing. An excellent staple in a green autumn wardrobe!

Inspired by Nordic
folk costume
cardigans, € 114

...is where I find inspiration for colours and patterns. Across the water. A place of tranquillity. I love creating scenes and interiors using new tablecloths, floral-print cushions and beautiful woven rugs. Please step inside my beautiful old home where I’ve lived and worked for as long as I can remember!